aaaaand a show of hands for everyone who starts off the new year completely goal-crazed, wild-eyed, over-committed, and caffeine-fueled? and what about that resolution overwhelm?

*raises hand*

you too? yup. that’s about right. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. 😉

well, this year I’m doing things a bit differently.

if you read this blog post, (if you haven’t… read it now ’cause you’re missing out, babe!) you’ll already know I’ve forgone resolutions, goals, and all the chaos that comes with them, and instead opted for an ultra-simple system that focuses on wholeness and staying true to who I am discovering myself to be & what I most need and desire out of life.

aka: no stress, all becoming. sounds just about divine, right?!

so, to celebrate my cutting of ties to the chaos that binds us this time of year, I’ve decided to host a really awesome mini online course for you all to kick off your 2017 in freedom and wholeness!

it’s called “ABC’s of the full & beautiful life”, and it’s a 26-day journey (starting January 2nd!), each day introducing a new word, designed to help inspire a more whole YOU, which corresponds to the next letter in the alphabet.


it’s for you if:
~ you really want to pick your #oneword365 but can’t decide what word is best for you OR
~ you don’t know what 2017 will hold, or how you want to enter it, but you need a bit of gentle direction while you decide OR
~ you just want more untidy grace in your life OR
~ you’re craving community with people who are trying to figure out this whole life and transition and new year thing OR
~ you need some structure OR
~ you need some inspiration
(or all of the above!)



(sorry to startle you)

it’s been a while since I gave you all a freebie, and in the spirit of Christmas being less than two weeks away (okay, but really, how did that even happen?!) I thought this would be the perfect time to share these ultra-adorable printable Christmas gift tags.


I might be biased, but I can’t handle the cuteness, y’all. real talk: I totally giggled the whole time I was making them! 🙂


from the most sentimental ELF movie reference, to a sarcastic remark for that one person you always struggle to buy for, to a simple “merry Christmas!”, I think you’ll find that there’s a little something fun in these tags to label everyone’s gift!

this one is totally going on my husband’s gift:


despite what the stores and bustling media may have you believe, it is possible to  have tons of fun (and even make a difference for others, too) during the Christmas season without spending a dime.

it doesn’t require panic or much planning or being a whirlwind to fully embrace this holiday, and it will probably even soothe your chaotic heart to slow down and just do things a little more simply. 🙂

so here are 20 totally FREE & non-kiddie ideas to embrace the season- use them for your advent calendar or just for fun!!

(if you’re looking for winter date ideas, they can be found here!)


1.) drive around and look at the Christmas lights (don’t forget the thermos of coffee or hot chocolate!).

2.) snuggle up by the fireplace (turn on one of YouTube’s Yule log loops if you don’t have access to the real thing!)

3.) make stovetop popcorn & drink cocoa. Continue reading “20 TOTALLY FREE WINTER ACTIVITIES FOR ADULTS “


you guys!! 

you have responded so well to my new scripture study that I released about a week ago, and I want to celebrate by GIVING ONE AWAY FOR FREE!! 

if you don’t already know, the 21-day study is all about figuring out who YOU were designed to flourish as, underneath the rubble that we’ve created in trying to become what we and everyone else expects of us. why? because only in living in that state of original True Design do we start to understand what we are meant for, what the gospel is all about, and how we relate to Jesus- Love Incarnate. this is where we find our purpose, become women of strength and bravery and boldness, and learn to live under grace instead of the bondage of shame

it’s some GOOD STUFF! 

So here’s what’s going to happen:

1.) on the BLOG, read this post. (good job!)

2.) on FACEBOOK, (make sure you’ve liked us first!) share this post & in that share, tag a friend who you think would love this study! (You can share directly from the untidy grace creative co. Facebook page)

3.) on INSTAGRAM, (be sure to follow us first!) find the above photo (Insta handle is untidygracecreativeco)- then give it a great big LIKE and tag another friend!

the giveaway closes Saturday at midnight (pacific standard time), and then ONE WINNER will be announced on Sunday afternoon! 🙂 

are you excited yet?!

the untidy grace guide to surviving winter

I’m pretty much done with winter after January.

like, the charm is getting a little old.

I get excited and caught up in the magic and silence when the snow starts falling, but once it’s fallen and I have to drive in slush and I can’t feel my fingers… nope.


however! I think it’s important not to simply sit around whining about the cold and griping as we wait for spring. so here’s my very own personal guide to surviving winter, (with a printable bucket list for the season, because I just love you that much!).


here are 27 ways to not just survive… but enjoy winter: Continue reading “the untidy grace guide to surviving winter”

10 fabulous (and FREE) fonts

I’m kind of a font geek.

it’s a thing, okay?!

as much as my husband tells me I’m a total weirdo for geeking out over new fonts, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one. especially when Simone (read her blog here) can casually mention the font I’m typing in next to her by name.

I’m not alone, guys! (font nerds, unite!)

so I figured I’d share with you some of my favorite, oft-used, swirliest, happiest fonts today on the blog. bonus? they’re all free!! 🙂


I’m super into the watercolor-like fonts right now (like surfing capital & chasing embers above!), but they are all great for creating titles, combining in invites, and tacking on to blog photos.

you might recognize some of them from this blog!

click on their names below to find & download them in all their loveliness!
chasing embers
sweet pea
coalhand Luke
Janda stylist
at mahogany script
surfing capital
carolyna pro black

enjoy, my loves!! 🙂

black friday shopping for the frugal girl // creating a game plan

what’s the #1 rule of black friday shopping?

never go in without a game plan.

seriously. you will hate it. it will be miserable. you’ll be hungry hangry. you’ll probably injure someone. you may or may not never ever go black friday shopping again in your life.

think I’m exaggerating? think again!

if you want to face hordes of sale-obsessed zombie moms with screaming infants clinging to their hip on your own… be my guest 😉 but with this game plan, not only will you not have to do that, you won’t BE one of those sale-obsessed zombie moms either! (which is the real win, in my opinion!)

so here’s what you’re going to do:
you’re going to create your own, personalized game plan. and I’m going to help you.

download this free printable (The ultimate Black Friday game Plan), and print it out!

let’s walk through & fill out this printable together 🙂 Continue reading “black friday shopping for the frugal girl // creating a game plan”

thanksgiving day charades FREE PRINTABLE

ah, thanksgiving day!

so affectionately nick-named by americans as “turkey day”, or “the-day-we-all-get-too-full-to-move”.
just me?

perhaps it has lost some of its true meaning of thanks-giving, but I sure do look forward to gathering with family and friends each year, helping cook the food, setting the table, watching the big parade, and climbing in around the table to say grace over the mountain of food.

gathering with family is one of my FAVORITE things!!
image_8_6_2012-27(rev 0)

yes that’s me!

and this year, I’ve come up with a plan to make it even more special 🙂

I’ve whipped up a super fun FREE printable of thanksgiving themed charades for you to play with your family once you’ve shoveled in the pie and tidied up the table.

here it is! (yippee!!)
Thanksgiving Day Charades

there’s lots of fun words & phrases to act out (carving a pumpkin! pocahontas!), and I’ve even included two fill-in-your-own “I’m thankful for______” cards, so you can act out the things (or people!) you’re most glad to have in your life ❤

have fun, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 🙂

creating a to-do list // and a FREE PRINTABLE

hi there dearies 🙂

after a beautiful morning celebrating our Savior’s resurrection (EASTER!!) with my husband, surprising our starbucks baristas with some a ton of Easter candy (we even put it in a super cute basket, you guys.), reading through hebrews with my main man, and then sending him off to work, I began to assess the week ahead.

and I’ve got SO MUCH to do this week, you guys.
I’m on overload!

so I decided to browse pinterest make myself a to-do list.
only problem was, all I had in the house was boring old notebook paper (bleh).
and since I’m an easily-overwhelmed little human, my to-do lists must appear fun or, quite simply, I ain’t gonna do them.


excuse my inner, terrified procrastinator me.

so (obviously) the only thing to be done was spend half an hour hand-crafting a pretty-looking to-do-list-maker.
I mean… duh.
printable2 Continue reading “creating a to-do list // and a FREE PRINTABLE”

changes and newness // plus, enter to win a hand-lettered envelope!

hello dear friends ❤

the past couple of weeks have brought plenty of changes- mostly difficult ones with lots of tearful exchanges, but some which have tugged at our hearts in beautiful ways that are far bigger than us.

in the midst of cyber-bullying (yes, adults are brutal, too), fallen-through plans, disappointing news, and heartbreaking endings, J and I have felt the depths of Jesus’ heart and found comfort in the knowledge that this is all to make us more holy. And I’m willing to walk through the downpour of disappointment for that! 🙂

but it hasn’t been all bad! 🙂 He’s been blessing our socks off with some incredible opportunities and wide-open doors, as well as some very definite pulling on our heartstrings for certain burdens of His own heart. the past couple of weeks have definitely been a time of growing in leaps and bounds and halting our hearts before His throne of grace.

I sincerely apologize to a couple of people who ordered from the untidy grace shop and had their orders shipped late because of all the unexpected and sudden craziness in my personal life!!
you will be finding a very special surprise in your packages when they arrive, friends! thank you so much for your patience! ❤

now! onto brighter and newer things 😉

I’ll start with an announcement.
look at this cute envelope!!

they haven’t even hit the shop yet, but before they do, I thought I’d give THREE lucky readers a chance to win one for FREE.
because I love you that much ❤
these envelopes with be a limited edition product, and there won’t be many available, so you’ll want to enter this giveaway for sure! Continue reading “changes and newness // plus, enter to win a hand-lettered envelope!”