as 2016 comes to a close, and we get ready for 2017 to make her grand debut, I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane, and revisit all the blog posts from this year that were YOUR favorites ❤

this is a little countdown of the 10 posts that were the most-viewed from 2016, in the order of least views to most views (there are a couple of exceptions, as I didn’t include any photography or business-themed posts).

THANK YOU for all of the love you have poured into this little corner of the interwebs ❤ your encouragement, comments, and sweet emails & messages have made my days brighter and my heart lighter. you are why I write, friends.

are you ready?!

I am! 🙂

music festivaloutfits foroctober (1).png

here are the 10 MOST-LOVED BLOG POSTS OF 2016

enjoy browsing through the highlights of this year on the blog ❤

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hey guys!

happy fri-YAY!

and happy second day of autumn 😉

even though I’m back on the east coast with the people I so dearly love, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cool air and stormy skies of our new pacific northwest home. I’ve kinda been creeping on the weather app since I got here, and I’m sorta completely jealous of the highs in the low 60’s and cloudy sky! (come on, maryland! don’t fail me now!)

I’ve also been creeping on the weather app for another reason… my bestie, my sister from another mister, my #1 homegirl is flying back with me when I go home next tuesday! and I’m so pumped to give her the FULL washington experience- from seattle to the Olympic mountains to the small water-side town of poulsbo. it’s going to be a blast, and I have to keep an eye on that fickle weather in order to decide which day is best to do what.

remember when she came to visit us in lancaster?

well, since I’m craving all things cozy, and we want to give her the full taste (HA) of life in the PNW, I’m going to be cooking up yummy, homey, autumn food the whole week she’s there. ❤ (yep. it’s a whole week. get ready for her face to join mine all over the blog!) Continue reading “COZY AUTUMN YUMMINESS // FOODIE FRIDAY”




and all that craziness also means that this week’s installment of foodie friday is a little different than it normally will be. don’t worry. it will still be awesome 😉

so on tuesday, I’m getting on a plane and flying back across the country to maryland to visit my fam, shoot a wedding (!!), and attend my own baby shower. then when I fly back the following tuesday, my sweet friend is coming with me for an amazing week here in the pacific northwest!

(talk about a whirlwind)

as such, I won’t be doing a whole lot of cooking this week. so instead, I’ll give you the three days I will be cooking, and then fill you in on some of my favorite snacks to take while travelling.

sound good? good.

saturday // salt & pepper pork chops with rice and green beans
sunday // tacos
monday // out for day off

FAVORITE SNACKS FOR TRAVEL (especially while pregnant)
1) beef jerky 
2 & 3) pretzels with nutella (I get the little packets that are easy to stick in my purse!)
4) fruit snacks (annie’s organics are my fave!)
5) almonds or another nut in easy packaging
6) KIND bars (they’re tasty, it’s all real food, and they pack some serious protein)
7) pop chips (I love ’em cause I can eat a lot of them) 😉

there you have it! my favorite travel snacks! 🙂

seeya on the east coast, y’all!


friday? how ’bout friYAY!

guys, this week has kicked my booty in good ways and bad. making your for-fun jobs your main job takes a whole heck of a lot of work. and while it’s work I definitely enjoy… it’s work nonetheless.

add to that the truly terrifying and totally amazing experience of being in a new part of the country and meeting people and having countless coffee dates (which is my fave), and I don’t think I’ve actually had a free evening this week! I’m majorly worn out guys!

I’ll tell you one thing: I’m SO going to spend (almost) all day tomorrow RELAXING- french pressed coffee and cutesy mugs included. Christmas tree unfortunately not included.
french press9 bw

perhaps a trip to CFA might even be in order… I mean, all in the name of #selfcare my babes 😉

it might be the hormones, or it might be the transition into the autumn creeping up on us, but all I seem to want lately is soups, stews, and anything barbecue. gimme ALL that cozy comfort food!! so, you know what? I think I’ll just indulge a little and go with it…
in case you couldn’t tell, this girl LOVES her fall food! ❤

what the avricks eat
FRIDAY :: out for pizza with friends!
SATURDAY :: home-made mac n cheese & barbecue chicken
SUNDAY :: super simple sloppy joes
MONDAY :: chicken corn chowder
TUESDAY :: cheeseburger soup & french fries
WEDNESDAY :: ranch chicken stir fry over rice
THURSDAY :: barbecue nachos
FRIDAY :: chicken pot pie & baked potatoes

for now, I’ll be dreaming of cozy dinners as I sip my hot tea and pound away on the keyboard. 🙂 all for you guys!


Hey all!

on this wonderfully dreary pacific northwest saturday, I thought that instead of revealing them day by day, I’d give you all a heads-up of the FIVE new weekly series, soon to come on the blog, with this handy little preview of the coming blogging schedule. 🙂

I hope this gets you as excited about the future weeks as I am!!

monday mantra.jpg
A sweet word to get you through your monday blues, a Scripture to think on, and perhaps even some yoga tips & tricks to take with you through your week! we could all use a little more zen to start the week, am I right? Continue reading “NEW WEEKLY BLOG SERIES”