meet moriah

Hey friend, I’m Moriah.


here’s some random stuff about me:coffee4
I’m a 225 hour certified yoga instructor.
I drink too much not enough sweet iced tea.
I love to hear people’s life stories.
I got married at age 20, and it was the best decision ever.
…and now I’m a 22 year old mama to our baby daughter Iola.
I’m a super picky eater.
I’m a Jesus-follower, and I can’t get enough of His mercy.
I’m passionate about the real, raw honest expression of what it means to be human and what grace looks like in a messy world.
I love people-watching. it’s, like, a legitimate hobby of mine.
I come alive in autumn.
I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Mild Clinical Depression, and I’m not ashamed of those parts of my story.
I love a good cup of french-pressed coffee on a lazy saturday morning.
I really miss my family on the east coast.
I write modern calligraphy on every available surface.
I love Jesus, but I cuss a little.
I’m all about genuine, organic, unplanned moments.
I started blogging because I made a commitment to authentically expressing who I’m discovering myself to be as I bravely become.
I believe you matter, and you belong here.
I’m so happy you’re here. ❤

this is our MANIFESTO
I am where grace has brought me
& don’t apologize for the ways
in which Divine Love chooses to grow me.

feel free to contact me at with questions, encouragement, or service/product inquiries.

stop by my facebook & instagram pages (check the bottom of the site!) for more fun!


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