it’s not everyday that I, as a photographer, get the crazy-awesome pleasure of photographing my little brother.

I mean… teenage boys and cameras aren’t exactly famous for being besties. (am I right?)

but since I was already in town for a wedding this weekend (yeep!), my mom asked me if I’d mind doing my brother’s graduate portraits! and of course I said yes🙂 I still can’t believe my not-so-little brother will be in COLLEGE this time next year… or that he’s so grown up and handsome.

and I mean, come on, did he ROCK the camera, or what?! #modelstatus

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hey guys!

happy fri-YAY!

and happy second day of autumn😉

even though I’m back on the east coast with the people I so dearly love, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cool air and stormy skies of our new pacific northwest home. I’ve kinda been creeping on the weather app since I got here, and I’m sorta completely jealous of the highs in the low 60’s and cloudy sky! (come on, maryland! don’t fail me now!)

I’ve also been creeping on the weather app for another reason… my bestie, my sister from another mister, my #1 homegirl is flying back with me when I go home next tuesday! and I’m so pumped to give her the FULL washington experience- from seattle to the Olympic mountains to the small water-side town of poulsbo. it’s going to be a blast, and I have to keep an eye on that fickle weather in order to decide which day is best to do what.

remember when she came to visit us in lancaster?

well, since I’m craving all things cozy, and we want to give her the full taste (HA) of life in the PNW, I’m going to be cooking up yummy, homey, autumn food the whole week she’s there.❤ (yep. it’s a whole week. get ready for her face to join mine all over the blog!) Continue reading “COZY AUTUMN YUMMINESS // FOODIE FRIDAY”




and with the winning combination of a long plane ride and, well, being pregnant, my hip joints are absolutely killing me. even though I spent a lot of yesterday shopping walking and re-exploring the good old southern maryland stomping grounds, my tight hips are still giving me a hard time.

so, I figure, why not share with you some of my favorite remedies for those sore and tight hips… three of my go-to yoga poses!

here are some things to keep in mind while practicing these postures:
– discomfort is okay. pain is NOT. stop if you’re feeling pain!
– make sure to stretch BOTH hips… that means doing each pose twice, once on each side
– breathe steadily throughout the duration of the pose, from entering into it, until you have completely left it
– it’s 100% normal for one side to be tighter than the other. don’t force it!

ready to feel so much better?!
let’s do this!

**DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor! always listen to your doctor. I claim no liability for any injury which occurs while practicing these poses.**

three yoga poses for tight hips


begin in a simple aligned standing position, or mountain pose. step your right foot forward into a lunge and bring your left knee to rest on the ground. make sure your right knee is stacked over the ankle. bring your hands down to the floor near the inside of the right foot. begin to stretch out you back left leg slowly, straightening it out behind you. you should feel a strong stretch in the front of your thigh/hip joint. for a deeper stretch, bring the forearms down to the ground, and lean your knee to the outside. 


Begin in simple seated position, half lotus, or full lotus. remember if you are in half or full lotus to keep your feet flexed in protection of your ankle joints. walk your hands forward and lift the tailbone. begin to press forward and down through the pelvis & up and back through the shoulders in a gentle backbend. the stretch should be felt across the front of the pelvis and through the front of the thighs and hip joints.


begin in a tabletop position (all fours) and slowly walk your knees out to the sides. maintain a straight line from shoulders to tail as you breathe into the stretch. rest your forearms on the ground and press through the pelvis to deepen. you should feel this stretch in your inner thighs and deep hip joint.

happy yoga-ing, friends!


okay guys, first things first: I apologize for all the iPhone photos in this post. yesterday was all just chick fil a and packing, and today I’m currently in the middle of a 5-hour airport wait, so that’s what you’re getting.😉

secondly, how am I already over halfway through this pregnancy?! maybe it’s just the craziness that has been our life these past few months, but suddenly the weeks are just disappearing and time is FLYING. (ha. airport puns.)

today we were up by 5 so J could drive me to the airport in Seattle before he had to be at work at 8am. not enough coffee and a chugged half bottle of water in the security line later, and I get to sit in a rocking chair and watch planes take off.😀 also… who is the guy on the alaska airlines plane? been staring too long with too tired of a brain and now nothing makes sense… don’t judge me.

also, does this count as our first mother-daughter trip?😉

anyhow. week 21.


size– the vegetable baby bok choy (bigger than that little pumpkin I’m holding in the above photo!)

fun stuff– she is already experiencing REM sleep… basically this means she’s probably dreaming!

weight– about 3/4 of a pound… and around 10 inches long!

movement– irregular and chaotic… like her mom? (hahahaha)


symptoms– SO MOODY. this girl can go from sobbing to laughing in under 60 seconds. also I’m constantly starving and super clingy. headaches are back, too, and my sense of smell could probably break some records. boo…

belly– s t r e t c h i n g! I actually look significantly pregnant now, which I am 100% planning to use to my advantage in this airport. 

if you want to keep up with my prego airport adventures, just head over to my Instagram & watch my stories!!

monday mantra // imperfect is just right

hey all! it’s MONDAY again!

have you ever thought about what it is you have to offer the world? what it is that you can possibly do when you’re just trying to make it through the monday-est monday that ever way? what it is that you have in you that even matters? what it is that you could manage to give that anyone would want?

I’m WITH you there.

and thought monday is our day off over here, and tuesday is more like our monday… I’m feeling a small case of the mondays hit me today. I always get really frantic about endings and beginnings. I want them to be PERFECT. whether it’s something as simple as the end of the weekend that I feel the need to make count, or the beginning of a big trip that HAS to be JUST RIGHT, it’s something I tend to freak out over a little bit.

so this morning was a frantic “we need to make this the PERFECT DAY OFF because I’m leaving for a week and I’m going to miss you, and so it has to be PERFECT DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?

yeah. I can be a bit of a basket case.

I can obsess so hard over things being the way I imagined them in my head, and when it doesn’t work that way… I feel like I’ve let the whole world down, when in reality I’m probably the only one who notices or cares.


so today, I’m starting over, and I’m going to just let it happen and be okay with it.
I’m going to breathe into the things I want to plan every second of and just be happy that I have this monday.
I’m going to let myself accept that sometimes, imperfect is just right, and these memories will last, even if they weren’t planned.

MONDAY MANTRA // imperfect is just right

can we enter into this heart-change space of forgiving and accepting together?

can we recognize that though our offerings to the world may feel imperfect, unfinished, or battle-scarred, they are still good?

imperfect offerings are still offered. they’re still good. they still make a difference.

so let’s show up in all our imperfection, and be okay with the fact that we don’t have it all together, don’t know it all, can’t control everything. let’s embrace our imperfect humanity, and offer it anyway.



It’s here! It’s here!


if you haven’t noticed, there are a few extra options up in the menu, and that’s because we’ve ADDED the PHOTOGRAPHY & SHOP to our little Untidy Grace Creative Co. family!!
olivia GR3.jpg

that means, that you can book a photo session with me right here via the blog!
this has been a huge project a long time in the works, and I’m just so pumped to finally be able to give you all of this goodness in one place.

so if you’re a long-time follower who loves the images found on the blog, you’re in luck!🙂 now you can book me here.

AND (yes, there’s an AND! so so much fun stuff!) this coming week, I’ll be announcing the details for this year’s CHRISTMAS TREE FARM MINI SESSIONS.


but wait!

there’s more!😉

seriously though. so. much.
today, the official Untidy Grace Creative Co. SHOP opened, and it’s full of hand-lettered goodness… with still more to be added in the coming week!

I’m MOST excited about the release of my 21-day Scripture Study, This Holy Becoming, which you can pre-order now! (they’ll ship October 6th)
if you’ve enjoyed this post, or this one, or this one… you’ll seriously LOVE this study!!
This Holy Becoming COVER2.jpg

plus, you can find goodies like this hand-lettered, spiral-bound journal (which is perfect for exploring your thoughts in while working through the study by the way)…
there are also THREE LIMITED EDITION soft-cover journals available!

go check them all out here, or by clicking “shop” on the menu.

so, click around, explore the new goodies all over the site, and show the new Untidy Grace a little love❤ I’m so excited for this new chapter, and I think you’ll like it a whole lot too😉




and all that craziness also means that this week’s installment of foodie friday is a little different than it normally will be. don’t worry. it will still be awesome😉

so on tuesday, I’m getting on a plane and flying back across the country to maryland to visit my fam, shoot a wedding (!!), and attend my own baby shower. then when I fly back the following tuesday, my sweet friend is coming with me for an amazing week here in the pacific northwest!

(talk about a whirlwind)

as such, I won’t be doing a whole lot of cooking this week. so instead, I’ll give you the three days I will be cooking, and then fill you in on some of my favorite snacks to take while travelling.

sound good? good.

saturday // salt & pepper pork chops with rice and green beans
sunday // tacos
monday // out for day off

FAVORITE SNACKS FOR TRAVEL (especially while pregnant)
1) beef jerky 
2 & 3) pretzels with nutella (I get the little packets that are easy to stick in my purse!)
4) fruit snacks (annie’s organics are my fave!)
5) almonds or another nut in easy packaging
6) KIND bars (they’re tasty, it’s all real food, and they pack some serious protein)
7) pop chips (I love ’em cause I can eat a lot of them)😉

there you have it! my favorite travel snacks!🙂

seeya on the east coast, y’all!


guys, there’s something you need to know before I launch the full Untidy Grace brand tomorrow.

it’s REALLY really important because the whole purpose of this blog is to use my voice, be super transparent, and speak my truth. like Stephanie Moors reminded me earlier this week… this blog, my heart through what I speak out on here, is my offering to the world. I want it to be a good, good offering, even when it’s hard, and because of that, I’m going to share something really hard with you today.

I’m terrified.

like, so so scared.

there’s something terribly intimate about living an authentic life, fashioning a place of raw community, and building on a new foundation… even more so when it’s not just all in public, but it’s what you’re staking your future and your career on.

and I’m scared about a lot of things.


I’m scared that it won’t matter. that I will put these pieces of myself out into the world, and they’ll turn up empty. it doesn’t matter that I know that’s untrue- it still scares me. Continue reading “I’M TERRIFIED AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW”


ahh, September… that in-between time when sweaters are too hot and tanks leave you shivering.😉

is it just me, or does everyone else struggle to look half-decent when the entire contents of both your summer and autumn clothes are strewn about, and you’re digging through half-folded sweaters for something comfy but not smothering? yeah, sounds familiar right?

well, today I thought I’d share my 3 clothing items that I wouldn’t survive the in-between weather without!

you’re welcome😉

all of these pieces are small-budget-friendly and oh-so-simple to style. plus, they go with just about everything. if you met me on the street, I’d probably be wearing one, if not all three of these early-fall favorites!

1 // the open-front cardigan
you can find me pulling these on pretty much all year round. but as summer gives way to autumn, it seems the perfect season to add a little cozy, without totally committing to a heavy sweater. slip it on when the breeze gets chilly, then off again when the midday sun is a wee bit too warm. I’m seriously a hoarder when it comes to these things (I have about five of them in different colors and weights), but for good reason: I get almost constant use out of each and every one of them, and the compliments are outta this world, too.😉

10478153_10206727635643368_5103885232265755520_n Continue reading “3 MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR SUMMER-TO-FALL TRANSITION WARDROBE // 3 ON THURSDAY”


if you’ve grown up in church your whole life like I have, then this title probably sounds like sacrilege.

if you’ve struggled with any type of body-shaming or negative self-talk, then this title probably sounds like a too-good-to-be-true dream.

if you’ve battled anxiety or depression or another mental illness, then this title probably sounds like a downright lie.

the point is- no matter who we are or where we come from, if we’re used to the depth of our brokenness, the belief that we’re good is not one that we can swallow easily. it’s not something we’re used to accepting. it’s not an easy thing to wrap our arms and our hearts around.

and this simple statement doesn’t feel so simple.


but regardless of our difficulty to accept or believe it… it’s true.

you were made good. I was made good. it’s in the way your spirit and body were knit together. it’s in the very basics of the blueprint of your image-bearing, namaste-breathing self (more on what image-bearing is all about here). it’s woven into every piece of your soul and spoken over the very beginning of you true self.

you’re good. Continue reading ““YOU’RE GOOD” // A WORD ON WEDNESDAY”