last night I sat in bed and cried.

I cried because I’m super hormonal, and I’m sick, and I’m tired of being sick, and I’m scared of a thousand different things.
I cried because emotions are confusing.
I cried because I was little bitter about the fact that my husband works 12-hour days twice a week.
I cried because my brain has been so foggy that I feel like I haven’t actually spent time with him in ages.
I cried because I was being kicked from the inside out, and I want to have this baby, and also I don’t want to have this baby.
I cried because I know myself really well, and I knew there was something off.
I cried because I was sad, and sometimes you just have to be sad for a minute.
I cried because tears heal.

Moriah + Joey_373

I’m really, really excited for Io to join our family.

I’m also really, really sad. Continue reading “A SYMPHONY OF LASTS // IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD THAT IT’S NO LONGER JUST THE TWO OF YOU”


fall is in full swing around here.❤

and, as you, know, I could not possibly be happier! well… I guess I’d be happier if it didn’t include a nasty cold that is keeping me from all the autumn-y goodness out there. but somewhere in-between blowing my nose, editing wedding images, and sipping my tea, I decided that if I couldn’t be out there right now, I might as well be making plans to get the very most out of my limited fall days.

soooo… usually on thursdays I bring you three things, but today… I’m bringing you THIRTY things because a) I love you guys, and b) I’m stuck on the couch, so what else am I gonna do?

things to do.jpg

30 things to do before autumn is over

1.) take a hike
2.) gather leaves from your neighborhood
3.) go to a pumpkin patch
4.) decorate/carve pumpkins
5.) have a baking day (try this yummy treat)
6.) make homemade apple cider Continue reading “30 THINGS TO DO BEFORE AUTUMN IS OVER”


if you follow me on instagram (um, if you don’t you should. I’m so cool.😉 ), you might know that one of my fave hashtags is #girlswhobreathefire.

the powerhouse of fire-breathing woman that is Glennon Doyle Melton gets it SO RIGHT in her new book Love Warrior (guys, I read half of that book in ONE DAY it is just so good.), and I almost burst into tears when I happened upon this on pinterest:


see, I think a lot of us walk away from interactions with people where something just felt “off”, and often our reaction is this “was I not enough for them? am I not enough?”. my girl Shelby (read her blog here) cleared it up for me big-time.

it isn’t that you weren’t enough, sweet friend. it isn’t that you were “less than“. it’s that you were “more than”. you reached into a place with your words or actions where you began to take up your space, and they weren’t ready for it. they weren’t sure what to do with the depth of you.



sweet little Io,

it’s amazing, you know.

you’re this whole little person, just growing away, practicing breathing through your little lungs, stretching out long, curling up small, slowly becoming this wonderful human that will be unleashed upon the world.

you have so much promise in your blood, and so much beauty and grace and strength is being passed on to you from the loving legacies of incredible women and men. I believe with all of my heart that you’ll feel it too, as you grow into your own, as you take hold of the person you’re designed as.

your blood holds brokenness and anxiety and depression and trauma, too. it holds weaknesses that have haunted your people for generations, demons that have hunted us, shadows we’ve cowered in. you’ll come to understand these stories in time, I know; and, though I pray it’s not the case, you may have to learn to own them as your own and fight them better than we’ve fought them. don’t shrink away from this part of you; it is important. stand on my shoulders, sweet girl. learn from our defeats, and carry our love and your learning into battle.

these terrifying possibilities are why I thought I might never want to carry a child, never want to watch her suffer under the weight of things I’ve suffered. but I know now that you’re being built strong as well as graceful, powerful as well as fragile, fierce and full of fire as well as gentle. this is how good women are made, little one. and you’re good.


your dad and I named you early on. we knew who you are. we felt it in our bones, and it felt right. Iola Grace. dawn of grace is what your name means, said together as one. dawn of grace is the spirit I know you’ve been given.  Continue reading “A LETTER TO MY BABY GIRL // 25 WEEK BUMPDATE”


I have something I’m just SO excited about this year for all of my WA state peeps!!

anyone who has been a friend of the blog for any amount of time knows my LOVE for all things Christmas. one of my favorite traditions to keep each year, is going to the tree farm and cutting down our Christmas tree! so full of family, fun, and expectation, it’s something I look forward to, year-round.

the first year that J & I were married, we had the cutest, tiniest tree, and when I see photos from that excursion, I just get filled with the nostalgia of how special that time was!!


so, this year I’m offering some AMAZING Christmas tree farm mini sessions for couples, families, and anyone else who can’t get enough of the wintry charm and delightful expectation of the holiday season!!


they will be held at Hubert’s Christmas Tree Farm, and I absolutely cannot wait! the views from their farm are spectacular to say the least (hello full view of the olympic mountains!!), and I’ve heard talk of FREE cider for all my sweet clients.❤ yup, you’ll be treated SO well!


these sweet & sentimental sessions are $150.
they will begin on November 19th and will run for three consecutive weekends ONLY!!
you’ll have 30 minutes to soak in the beautiful farm and views with your family while I tag along, capturing all the fun and love you have for one another… maybe you’ll even happen across your tree!!
your 15+ images will arrive on a flash drive up to two weeks later.


go here to book your session NOW, or just to ask more questions!
these sessions will disappear quickly as they get booked, so make sure to get your session in!

to ensure delivery by December 1st, you’ll want to book the FIRST AVAILABLE WEEKEND!

hope to see you soon!



today I cried on my way to work at starbucks.

if you’ve been a long-time blog follower, you’ll know that crying in the vicinity of a Starbucks is nothing new for me… but still I feel it is at least not so completely normal, so it still warranted a blog post. yeah, maybe I need to work on the content around here…

I’m sitting here now… chipped polish, hot coffee, no mascara… and thinking over all the things because the past two weeks, while full of wonderful things like fresh lavender and photographing a wedding where I sobbed through the father-daughter dance and nights staying up late eating chip and dip with my mom and hour-long sunset ferry rides, didn’t leave much time for thought or inner-processing, which my little INFP self has been desperately craving.


so today is my first day officially back at work, here on the blog, and I’m literally just so excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for my life to go back to “normal” (whatever that means), but I’m just so exhausted and wiped out and honestly a little sick from all the overflow of goodness and just ALL THE THINGS, and I’m just… ready.

so it started with the hottest of hot showers (all the praise hand emojis!), and pulling on the coziest sweater and then realizing I was out of mascara.

and then I remembered we have two cars now. well, sort of. let me explain.

we have a friend who, while on deployment, has given us his car to use. which is just AWESOME. sort of.  Continue reading “IN DEFENSE OF THE CLINGY GIRL”


you guys!! 

you have responded so well to my new scripture study that I released about a week ago, and I want to celebrate by GIVING ONE AWAY FOR FREE!! 

if you don’t already know, the 21-day study is all about figuring out who YOU were designed to flourish as, underneath the rubble that we’ve created in trying to become what we and everyone else expects of us. why? because only in living in that state of original True Design do we start to understand what we are meant for, what the gospel is all about, and how we relate to Jesus- Love Incarnate. this is where we find our purpose, become women of strength and bravery and boldness, and learn to live under grace instead of the bondage of shame

it’s some GOOD STUFF! 

So here’s what’s going to happen:

1.) on the BLOG, read this post. (good job!)

2.) on FACEBOOK, (make sure you’ve liked us first!) share this post & in that share, tag a friend who you think would love this study! (You can share directly from the untidy grace creative co. Facebook page)

3.) on INSTAGRAM, (be sure to follow us first!) find the above photo (Insta handle is untidygracecreativeco)- then give it a great big LIKE and tag another friend!

the giveaway closes Saturday at midnight (pacific standard time), and then ONE WINNER will be announced on Sunday afternoon! :) 

are you excited yet?!




though this post is short, it’s one I’ve been waiting impatiently to write for several weeks now!

after a long long while of desperately trying not to let it slip, J and I are so so very excited and happy to announce the name of our baby girl (“little fox”) Avrick. 

her name holds a very special place in our hearts, and has the same meaning of my middle name- Dawn

we’d like to oh so proudly announce the naming of our little girl: Iola Grace Avrick.❤

the name Iola is pronounced “ee-OH-lah“, and means “dawn“. together, her first and middle name insinuate a dawn of grace, which is what I pray she will be to each soul she meets and every life she touches. we will probably call her “Io” for short😉 (yes, like the moon of Jupiter…)

we’re so excited to see who she is and discover everything that makes her herself. I can’t wait to meet this little creature who is already as spicy as they come (HELLO feisty kicks when dad stops talking to her!) and who I’m convinced is an introvert after her stubbornness at escaping away from the nurse and hiding during the ultrasound ;) 

and I hope & pray, that as she arrives at the dawn of 2017, she will be the dawn of new spaces in our hearts, new beauty in our lives, new grace for the world. 

we love you, little Io!❤


it’s not everyday that I, as a photographer, get the crazy-awesome pleasure of photographing my little brother.

I mean… teenage boys and cameras aren’t exactly famous for being besties. (am I right?)

but since I was already in town for a wedding this weekend (yeep!), my mom asked me if I’d mind doing my brother’s graduate portraits! and of course I said yes🙂 I still can’t believe my not-so-little brother will be in COLLEGE this time next year… or that he’s so grown up and handsome.

and I mean, come on, did he ROCK the camera, or what?! #modelstatus

elisha2bwelisha3elisha4 Continue reading “GRADUATE SESSION // ELISHA PART 1”


hey guys!

happy fri-YAY!

and happy second day of autumn😉

even though I’m back on the east coast with the people I so dearly love, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the cool air and stormy skies of our new pacific northwest home. I’ve kinda been creeping on the weather app since I got here, and I’m sorta completely jealous of the highs in the low 60’s and cloudy sky! (come on, maryland! don’t fail me now!)

I’ve also been creeping on the weather app for another reason… my bestie, my sister from another mister, my #1 homegirl is flying back with me when I go home next tuesday! and I’m so pumped to give her the FULL washington experience- from seattle to the Olympic mountains to the small water-side town of poulsbo. it’s going to be a blast, and I have to keep an eye on that fickle weather in order to decide which day is best to do what.

remember when she came to visit us in lancaster?

well, since I’m craving all things cozy, and we want to give her the full taste (HA) of life in the PNW, I’m going to be cooking up yummy, homey, autumn food the whole week she’s there.❤ (yep. it’s a whole week. get ready for her face to join mine all over the blog!) Continue reading “COZY AUTUMN YUMMINESS // FOODIE FRIDAY”